We are a respected industry leader in servicing all makes and models of centrifuges.
Sentrimax has the space and capability to service and repair a complete range of centrifuges.
Sentrimax offers full CNC Machining services.
The Sentrimax shop floor encompasses over 20,000 square feet of specialized machinery.
Sentrimax can machine virtually any replacement or totally custom part in-house.


Established in 2002, Sentrimax Centrifuges is a privately held municipal and industrial centrifuge servicing company that, with steady and strategic growth, has now become a key player in the industry throughout North America. What sets us apart? We specialize in centrifuge repair and only centrifuge repair. Our knowledge and expertise have been built on years of experience in the centrifuge business and we are constantly upgrading and refining our processes to ensure we are the best in the industry. Our technicians take ultimate pride in the level of quality we achieve on every repair and our integrity is exemplified from start to finish. In between, we count on the skills and abilities of each individual on our shop floor to complete every aspect of a repair with the utmost regard for reliability and dependability, and our clients have come to expect nothing less from us.



Tom stepped into the driver’s seat at Sentrimax Centrifuges after the passing in late 2014 of Max Musik, the founder of Sentrimax. Tom has been active in the centrifuge business since 1987 when he left a position with Esso to set up the environmental contract services division for Polar Oilfield. After an active and successful year with Polar, Tom made a strategic decision and left to start up his own dewatering business and built one of the leading dewatering service providers in North America. Tom and Max first met during that time and found they had mutual interests in the centrifuge industry. Max was previously employed as an Alfa Laval maintenance manager and sought to start up his own centrifuge repair company, and subsequently partnered with Tom to maximize their combined knowledge and expertise. With a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technolgy from NAIT and over 29 years hands on experience with municipal and industrial centrifuges, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to the company, from both a mechanical and operational standpoint.


Tim is responsible for overseeing the full scope of every centrifuge repair at the Sentrimax Edmonton shop, as well as managing the daily activities of the company. From preparing detailed quotes to scheduling shifts to ensurung every repair meets the company’s stringent quality control standards, Tim keeps the emphasis on cost effectiveness, expedient completions and total customer satisfaction. Tim believes challenges are to be met head on, customer communication is paramount, and an amicable shop atmosphere keeps employees motivated and fully engaged in doing the best job possible.


Jeff was the point man when Sentrimax opened their U.S. operations in Mansfield, Texas, and as General Manager has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the shop. While supervising all aspects of the day to day operations at Sentrimax, Jeff also monitors and reviews the performance of all shop employees, guiding them to fulfill the goals and targets of the company. A Millwright by trade, Jeff understands that any problem can be solved through the fair leadership of a skilled and dedicated team of professionals, and that meeting the customer’s needs in the most effective and efficient manner possible is the ultimate benchmark of a successful company.